Getting Defensive: Week 3

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Matchups are important part of success with team defenses in fantasy football. Vital if you’re into streaming at the position. You try to identify teams with a favorable opening slate that can be had cheaply on draft day and hope that you can ride that wave to a hot start. It works often enough to be a viable strategy.

There’s a problem, however. The data used to determine both how a defense will fare and whether those matchups are good or bad is from the prior season. A lot can change in one offseason in the NFL. Bad offenses get better. Good defenses get worse. Things don’t go as planned.

Exhibit A for that dilemma two weeks into the 2022 season is the Cleveland Browns.

Headed into the season, the Browns appeared to have a month of gravy matchups to open the year—at Carolina, home against the Jets and Steelers and then at Atlanta. Four full weeks of tastiness.

But instead of deliciousness, fantasy managers have been left with a cad tasted in their mouths. Cleveland has at least logged five sacks, but they have also allowed 55 points and logged just two takeaways. In many fantasy scoring systems, the Browns rank outside the top-25 after two games.

So what should fantasy managers who have rostered the Browns do after their collapse against the Jets last Sunday?

Start them again, of course.

Thursday night, the Browns host a Steelers team that has struggled mightily generating offense. A Steelers offensive line that should be completely overmatched trying to block Myles Garrett. And a Steelers team that Garrett and the Browns, um, hate.

If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. The third time is the charm….


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